100 Plus Books & Authors in Geography for UGC NET & SETS Exam

100 Plus Books & Authors in Geography for UGC NET & SETS Exam


Books Authors
1.      The Geomorphic Cycle W.M. Davis             
2.      Introduction of coastal geomorphology John Palhiek
3.      Limestone geomorphology Stephen Trudgill
4.      The work of the river C.H. Crickmay
5.      Principles of Geology Charles Lyell
6.      The Unstable Earth Steers
7.      Principles of Geomorphology Thornbury
8.      Spirit and Purpose of Geography Wooldridge 
9.      An Outline of Geomorphology Wooldridge and Morgen
10.  Morphology of the Earth LC King
11.  The study of Landforms RJ Small
12.  Geomorphology from the Earth K.W. Butzer             
13.  Beaches and Coasts C.M.A King
14.  Principles of Physical Geology A. Holmes
15.  Essays in Geomorphology Dury
16.  Physical Geography Strahler
17.  Human Universals                                 Donald E. Brown
18.  The Social Conquest of the Earth Edward O Wilson
19.  Not By Gene Alone Peter J. Richerson
20.  Coevolution W.H. Durham
21.  Fundamentals of Ecology E.P. Odum
22.  Theoretical Geography   William Bunge 
23.  Geography dimensions of innovations Haggerstrand
24.  Human response to Floods Gilbert White
25.  Methods of regional analysis  Walter Isard               
26.  “Growth Pole, and Growth Centres for Regional Economic Development in India” Misra, Rao and Sundaram
27.  Nature of Geography Richard Hartshorne
28.  Visible Contents of Landscape Olto Schluter            
29.  The Urban Question M. Castells
30.  Social Justice and the City D. Harvey
31.  Laws of Primate Cities  Mark Jefferson
32.  Concept of Central Place Mark Jefferson
33.  Civilizing Rails (1928) Mark Jefferson
34.  Man makes himself Gorden Childe
35.  Industrial Location: An Economic Geographical Analysis. D.M. Smith
36.  Behaviour and Location : Foundations for a Geographic and Dynamic Location theory A. Pred
37.  The Location of Economic Activity E.M. Hoover
38.  Theory of the Location of Industries A. Weber
39.  The Economics of Location  August Losch
40.  Isolated State Von thunen
41.  The Central places in Southern Germany Christaller
42.  Concept of Linear Market Price T.Palender
43.  The influence of sea power upon History A.T. Mahan
44.  The Geography of Peace Spykman
45.  The Geography of State Policies J.R.V. Prescott
46.  The Democratic ideals and Reality Mackinder
47.  Geographical Pivot of History (1904) Mackinder
48.  Round World and the Winning of the Peace Mackinder
49.  Polar Geopolitics Richard Powell
50.  Political Geography Friedrich Ratzel    
51.  Volkerkunde Friedrich Ratzel    
52.  World Political Geography G E Pearcy
53.  Major Works on China Von Richtofen        
54.  Conflict, power and politics in the City  (1973)  Kevin Cox
55.  Airs Water and Places (1800) Hippocrates
56.  Geography of the Puranas S M Ali
57.  A Hundred Years of Geography Freeman T.W.
58.  Kitabul Ashkal Al – Balaki         
59.  Kitab – al- Hind Al – Biruni         
60.  Risalah Al – Biruni         
61.  Al-Tahid Al – Biruni         
62.  Muqaddimah Ibn – Khaldun     
63.  Locational Analysis in Human Geography


P. Haggett
64.  Almagast Ptolemy
65.  Guide to Geography Ptolemy
66.  Historial Memoir Strabo
67.  Geographical Treatise or Geographica Strabo
68.  La Geographic Humaine (1904) Jeans Brunhes
69.  Das Ausland Oscar Paschel        
70.  Eardkunde Carl Ritter
71.  Unity in Diversity Carl Ritter
72.  Cosmos A.V. Humbolt
73.  Unity in Nature A.V. Humbolt
74.  Modern Geographical Thought R. Peet                             
75.  Theoretical Geography William Bunge                 
76.  Human Geography: A Welfare Approach David Smith                    
77.  Geography of twenty century G. Taylor
78.  Handbook of Commercial Geography George Chisholm
79.  Geographical Introduction to History  Lucian Febvre
80.  Problems of our time Robert Platt
81.  Compage D. Whittlesy
82.  Human Ecology H H Barrows
83.  Time-space Geography Hagerstrand
84.  La Terre Reclus
85.  Landscape Ecology  (1939) Troll
86.  Journey round the Earth  Hecataeus
87.  World Survey Hecataeus
88.  The Pulse of Asia (1907) Ellsworth Huntington
89.  Civilization and Climate (1915) E. Huntington
90.  The Principles of Human Geography (1920) E. Huntington
91.  Mainsprings of Civilization (1945) E. Huntington
92.  American History and its Geographical condition (1903) Ellon Churchill Semple
93.  Influences of Geographical Environment (1911) E.C Semple
94.  Cultural Landscape Carl O Saur
95.  The Pioneer Fringe (1931) Isiah Bowman
96.  Concept of Pays Vidal De La Blache
97.  Principle of Terrestrail Unity Vidal De La Blache
98.  Tableau de la Geographle de la France (1903) Vidal De La Blache
99.  France de la East (1917) Vidal De La Blache
100.                      Iliad and Odyssey Homer
101.                      Meteorologica Aristotle
102.                      Astrolabe Hipparchus
103.                      Major Natural Regions Herbertson
104.                      India’s Water Wealth K.L Rao
105.                      Geology of India D.N. Wadia
106.                      Dams and Earthqakes H.K. Gupta



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