Principle of Uniformitarianism Notes for NTA UGC NET GEOGRAPHY

Principle of Uniformitarianism

  1. Uniformitarianism resulted in the outright rejection of the concept of ‘catastrophism.’
  2. James Hutton postulated ‘Principle of Uniformitarianism’ in 1785.
  3. Hutton belongs from Scotland (Great Britian).
  4. “Theory of the Earth” in this book J.Hutton discussed the concept of Uniformitarianism.
  5. Name of the Hutton friends and their book


Name: John Playfair,

Book:“Huttonian Theory of the Earth,”

Year of Publication: 1802.



Name:Sir Charles Lyell,

Book: “Principle of Geology,”

Year of Publication: 1830


  1. “Present is key to the past” James Hutton
  2. According to Huton: Geological processes were active with the same intensity during each period of geological time.
  3. Hutton believed in ‘Orderliness of Nature’
  4. Hutton was the first geologist to observe “Cyclic nature of Earth’s History”
  5. Nature has inbuilt self regulatory mechanism known as “Homeostatis Mechanism”.
  6. No vestige of a Beginning; no prospect of an end.



Previous Years  Questions from Concept of Uniformitarianism

  1. The premise that the present – day processes have been operating throughout geological time is the principle of:

(1) Isostasy

(2) Diastrophism

(3) Uniformitarianism

(4) Catastrophism



  1. Match List-I with List – II and select the correct answer from the code given below:



  1. A) Hall and Dana
  2. B) Hutton
  3. C) Harry Hess
  4. D) Jeffrey



(i) Sea floor Spreading

(ii) Thermal Contraction Theory

(iii) Theory of Geosyncline

(iv) Doctrine of Uniformitarianism


(A)         (B)         (C)          (D)

1)      i             ii            iv            iii

2)      ii            i             iii            iv

3)      iv           ii             i             iii

4)      iii           iv            i             ii


Answer- 4


3. The statement “The present is the key to the past” was made by:

  1. Walter penck
  2. W. M Davis
  3. Huntington
  4. James Hutton

Answer: 4


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