Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 6 for NTA UGC NET

Geographical Thought Most Important / Expected Questions Part 6 (56-60) for NTA UGC NET 2023 

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Q.56. Who laid the foundation of the school of possibilism?

(A) Jean Bruches

(B) F. Ratzel

(C) G. Taylor

(D) Vidal De La Blache

Answer: D



Q.57. Who wrote the book Influence of Geographic Environment (1903) –?

(A) A.J. Herbertson

(B) Mark Jefferson

(C) Huntington

(D) Ellen Churchill Semple

Answer: D


Key Points on Ellen Churchill Sample (1863-1932)

[1] American Geographer

[2] Sample was a disciple of Great German Geographer Ratzel.

[3] E.C Semple was the supporter of Environmental determinism concept.

[4] Book- “American History in Its Geographical Conditions (1903)” & “Influences of the Geographical environment (1911)”.

[5] The concept of environment determinism has been well explained with numerous examples and illustrations in her second book entitled “Influences of the Geographical environment (1911)”.

[6] Explaining her concept of determinism, she pointed out man to be ‘a product of the Earth Surface’, a child of the Earth, the dust of her dust, which has entered into his bone and tissues, into his mind and soul.

Q.58. To which school of geography does E.C. Semple Belong?

(A) Russian School of Geography

(B) American School of Geography

(C) British School of Geography

(D) French School of Geography

Answer: B


Q.59. Who among the following geographers, focused on man centered geography?

(A) W. H. Davis

(B) Jefferson

(C) Semple

(D) Huntington

Answer: (B)

Mark Jefferson (AD 1863-1949)

[1] Mark Jefferson was American Geographer

[2] He was one of the most outstanding pupils of William Morris Davis.

[3] In America he was the founder of real man-oriented geography.

[4] ‘Central Places’ – Concept coined by Jefferson

[5] the laws of ‘Primate City’- Concept coined by Jefferson

[6] ‘Civilizing Rails’ – Concept coined by Jefferson

[7] Jefferson stated many times that his geographical concern was with men: “’where they are’ ‘what they are like’ and ‘why they are there’

Q.60. Who among the following geographers emphasized the predominant role of climate in human life?

(A) Geddes

(B) Jefferson

(C) Huntington

(D) Brunhes

Answer: (C)


Ellsworth Huntington (1876-1947)

[1] American Geographer.

[2] He was an imaginative interpreter of the ‘effects of climate on human life’.

[3] Huntington was the propunder of ‘Climatic Determinism’.

[4] Huntington was an ‘environmental determinist’ who tried to explain the styles of life of human groups and nations in the light of their weather and climatic conditions.

[5] Book- “The Pulse of Asia” (1907), Civilization and Climate (1915), & Principles of Human Geography (1920)

[6] He developed the hypothesis that great outpouring of nomadic peoples from central Asia, which led to the Mongols’ conquest of India and China, and the invasion of Eastern Europe in the 13th century, could be explained by drying up of pastures on which the nomads were dependent. He explained this hypothesis in his book, Pulse of Asia (1907).

[7] In 1915, he published Civilization and Climate in which he asserted that Civilizations could develop only in regions of stimulating weather.

[8] According to Huntington, changes in the sun are a major cause of changes in the terrestrial climate, and climate profoundly influences man, his cultures, other forms of life and geological processes. Weather influences man’s energy, health and longevity and his attitudes and achievements.

[9] He consistently followed a quantitative approach in the measurement of Civilization.


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