Strabo Contribution to Geography Notes By NETSET CORNER

Strabo Contribution to Geography

[1] Strabo (64 BC – 20 AD)

Strabo was born in Amesia (Turkey) about 50 miles to the south of Black Sea coast in about 64 BC. He is considered as ‘Father of Regional Geography’, he stressed on the division of the world into natural and not into political boundaries.

His most important work is “Geographica’. In this he has tried to compile all the then knowledge of mathematical, physical, political and historical geography in form of general treatise. Geographica consisted of 17 volume – first 2 (1-2) volume about introduction, next 8 (3-10) volume about Europe, next 6 (11-16) volume about Asia and last 1 (17) volume about Africa (Libya)

His other work is ‘Historical Memoir’. He wrote 43 volumes under the title Historical Memoirs.

Strabo was the first scholar who have led the foundation of chorological writings in geography. He was the first to declare geography as chorological science.

(Chorology – The study of places and regions. Causal relations between geographical phenomena occurring within a particular region and the study of the spatial distribution of organisms )

He was in agreement with Aristotle about the spherical shape of the Earth about the belief the Earth is situated in the centre of the universe. He visualized the Earth as an oblong. He considered the Caspian as an inland sea and placed Taprabone (Sri Lanka) to the west of Indian Peninsula.

His writings are found in the form of quotations. In Physical Geography, he propounded the theory of alternate elevation and depression of extensive areas.

He compiled large amount of material to highlight the changes that have taken place due to the changes in the sea level and due to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Key Points on Strabo

[1] Strabo is considered as the Father of regional geography

[2] Division of world by natural boundaries.

[3] He declare that geography as a Chorological Science.

[4] His book Historical Memoir with 43 volume

[5] Geographical treatise or Geographica 17 Volume comprising four branches- Mathematical, Physical, Political & Historical Geography.

[6] Shape of earth Spherical (Geocentric Concept)

[7] Caspian Sea Inland Sea & connected with Northern ocean

[8] Theory of alternate elevation and depression of extensive areas.


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