Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 1

Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 1

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Q.1. The term geography was coined by -

(A) Hipparchus

(B) Herodotus

(C) Eratosthenes

(D) Posidonius

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Q.2. The term ‘ecumene’ is applied to mean:

(A) The areas temporarily settled by people.

(B) The permanently inhabited areas of the earth’s surface.

(C) The uninhabited areas of the world.

(D) The areas deserted by people.

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Q.3. Who is known as Father of Geography?

(A) Anaximander

(B) Hippurcus

(C) Herodotus

(D) Hecateaeus

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Q.4. Iliad and Odyssey were written by

(A) Aristotle

(B) Homer

(C) Thales

(D) Anaximander

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Q.5. Who are recognized as the founder of mathematical geography?

(A) Hecateaus and Herototous

(B) Homer and Aristotle

(C) Hecateous and Eratosthenes

(D) Thales and Anaximander

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Q.6. Which of the following is remembered for prediction of an eclipse of the Sun and cosmology based on water? (DEC 2022 / MARCH 2023)

(1) Thales

(2) Homer

(3) Anaximander

(4) Hecataeus

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Q.7. Named the first geographer prepared a world map to scale

(A) Thales

(B) Herodotus

(C) Ptolemy

(D) Anaximander

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Q.8. The Babylonian instrument Gnomon was first time used by

(A) Anaximander

(B) Herodotus

(C) Thales

(D) Homer

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Q.9. Who was the first geographer to divide the circle into 360 degrees?

(A) Eratosthenes

(B) Herodotus

(C) Hipparchus

(D) Ptolemy

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Q.10. The orthographic and stereographic projections were designed by

(A) Anaximander

(B) Ptolemy

(C) Posidonius

(D) Hipparchus

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Q.11. The instrument Astrolabe was invented by

(A) Anaximander

(B) Hipparchus

(C) Ptolemy

(D) Eratosthenes

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Q.12. Who among the following pleaded that history be treated geographically and geography be treated historically?

(A) Homer

(B) Thales

(C) Hecataeus

(D) Herodotus

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Q.13. Who promoted the logic of Particular to General procedures?

(1) Eratosthenes

(2) Homer

(3) Aristotle

(4) Plato

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Q.14. Inductive approach is related with -

(1) Deduced knowledge

(2) Empirically observed knowledge

(3) Philosophical knowledge

(4) Theological knowledge

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Q.15. Who among the following first used the term Ecumene and Non-ecumene to distinguish between inhabited and uninhabited portion of earth’s surface?

(1) Romans

(2) Greeks

(3) German

(4) French

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Unit VIII:

Geographic Thought

Contributions of Greek, Roman, Arab, Chinese and Indian Scholars, Contributions of Geographers (Bernhardus Varenius, Immanuel Kant, Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Ritter, Scheafer & Hartshorne), Impact of Darwinian Theory on Geographical Thought. Contemporary trends in Indian Geography: Cartography, Thematic and Methodological contributions. Major Geographic Traditions (Earth Science, manenvironment relationship, area studies and spatial analysis), Dualisms in Geographic Studies (physical vs. human, regional vs. systematic, qualitative vs. quantitative, ideographic vs. nomothetic), Paradigm Shift, Perspectives in Geography (Positivism, Behaviouralism, Humanism, Structuralism, Feminism and Postmodernism).  


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