Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 7

Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 7

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Q.61. Who among the following geographers specifically emphasized on climatic determinism?

(1) Griffith Taylor

(2) Friedrich Ratzel

(3) Ellsworth Huntington

(4) Ellen Churchill Semple

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Q.62. Who wrote the book ‘Civilization and Climate’?

(1) Jafferson

(2) Semple

(3) Trewartha

(4) Huntington

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Q.63. Who gave the concept Place, Work, Family to study of cities and regions in a country?

(A) Mark Jefferson

(B) P. Geddes

(C) Le Play

(D) Jean Brunhes

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Q.64. Who give the concept place – work- Folk to study of cities and regions

(A) P. Geddes

(B) Mark Jefferson

(C) F Ratzel

(D) Le Play

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Q.65. Who defined Geography as Human Ecology?

(A) Carl Ritter

(B) Friedman

(C) E.C. Semple

(D) H.H. Barrows

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Q.66. The term ‘Cultural Landscape’ was given

(A) C. Darwin

(B) Carl O. Sauer

(C) P. Geddes

(D) Humboldt

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Q.67. Who among the following propounded the concept of compage?

(A) E. Ratzel

(B) Semple

(C) Mackinder

(D) D. Whittlesey

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Q.68. Who amongst the following has propounded the concept of time space geography?

(A) Hagget

(B) Johnston

(C) Haggestrad

(D) Harvey

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Q.69. “Time-space compression” is a spatial concept given by

(A) Dorreen Massey

(B) David Harvey

(C) Daniel Bell

(D) Edward Soja

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Q.70. The concept of Probabilism was put forward by

(A) Jean Brunhes

(B) F.Ratzel

(C) La Blache

(D) O.H.K Spate

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Unit VIII:

Geographic Thought

Contributions of Greek, Roman, Arab, Chinese and Indian Scholars, Contributions of Geographers (Bernhardus Varenius, Immanuel Kant, Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Ritter, Scheafer & Hartshorne), Impact of Darwinian Theory on Geographical Thought. Contemporary trends in Indian Geography: Cartography, Thematic and Methodological contributions. Major Geographic Traditions (Earth Science, manenvironment relationship, area studies and spatial analysis), Dualisms in Geographic Studies (physical vs. human, regional vs. systematic, qualitative vs. quantitative, ideographic vs. nomothetic), Paradigm Shift, Perspectives in Geography (Positivism, Behaviouralism, Humanism, Structuralism, Feminism and Postmodernism).  

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