Anaximander Contribution to Geography Notes By NETSET CORNER

Anaximander Contribution to Geography

Anaximander (610 BC – 546 BC)

He was a student of Thales, who introduced the Babylonian instrument gnomon to Greeks. This instrument was like the sun dial used to measure the length and direction of the shadow of the vertical pole. The noon-shadow provided an exact north-south line or the meridian (from merides, meaning noon).

Anaximander was a pioneer cartographer who prepared the first map of the world to scale.

The Sumerians before him had drawn pictorial maps. In his map, Greece has been shown in the centre of the world. His map was circular and was bounded on all sides by the Ocean River. Thales and Anaximander are generally considered as the founder of Mathematical Geography.

Key Points on Anaximander

[1] Anaximander was disciple/student of Thales.

[2] He introduced Babylonian instrument known as Gnomon.

[3] He prepared first map of the world to scale.

[4] His map was circular and bounded on all sides by ocean river.

[5] Often called as Father of Cosmology and Founder of Astronomy.

[6] Latitude and longitude term coined by him.

[7] Anaximander is also known as Founder of Mathematical Geography.


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