Ibn-Hawqal Contribution to Geography Notes by NETSET CORNER

Ibn-Hawqal Contribution to Geography

[2] Ibn-Hawqal-Abu-al-Mohammad Qasim (912-978 AD)

He was a resident of Baghdad. His real name was Muhammad Abdul Qasim. He started his travels in May 943 AD and visited on foot different countries of the world, within the orbit of the authority of Holy Quran.

His book, ‘Book of Routes and Realms’ in which he described the Earth in length and breadth. The book gives a good account of mountains, rivers, cities, agriculture, cropping practices, and mode of irrigation, especially of the Muslim countries. He also described the Caspian Sea, Black sea, and the European countries.

Key Points on Ibn-Hawqal:

[i] His book- ‘Book of Routes and Realms’


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