Qualitative V/S Quantitative Geography Dualism Notes Netset corner

Qualitative V/S Quantitative Geography Dualism

[3] Qualitative V/S Quantitative Geography

Geographic studies involve studying different areas and phenomenon such as physical features like landforms and distribution of climatic zone or human characteristics like population of country and the impact they have on the environment. This study can be qualitative and quantitative.


It is descriptive information usually in form of text. It is used to formulate theories and hypothesis. It tends to be subjective, inductive, descriptive and theoretical.

It depends upon correspondence of evidence across contexts or sources to make generalisations. It aims to be holistic and articulates actual causes of particular events or phenomena.


It is information that can be expressed by numbers or that can be placed into specific categories. It is often used to test and prove previously specified concepts or hypothesis.

It is objective because it provides specific values about concrete elements. It depends on accuracy of instruments. It aims to be deductive or hypothesis-driven, testing the data to make generalisations.


Both qualitative and quantitative approach together make the geographic discipline.


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