So, This is the official Questions Paper and Answer Key for the paper 1 conducted on JUNE 2020  , taken from official website

Note: This paper contains (50) multiple choice questions, each questions carrying two (2) marks. Attempt all of them.

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Q.1 Given below are two statements. One is labelled as Assertion (A) and other is labelled as Reason (R)

Assertion (A): While communicating with students, a teacher should go beyond what is prescribed.

Reason (R): Non-verbal cues definitely convey what is intended by the teacher.

In the light of the above two statements, choose the correct option from those given below

  1. Both (A) and R) are true, and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
  2. Both (A) and R) are true but (R) is NOT the correct explanation of (A)
  3. (A) is true, but (R) is false
  4. (A) is false, but (R) is true

Answer: 2


Q.2 A sum of money with compound interest becomes Rs. 400 in 2 years and Rs.500 in 3 years.

Find the sum

  1. Rs 200
  2. Rs 250
  3. Rs 302
  4. Rs 305

Answer: 2


Q.3 In which research design the independent variable in ‘selected’ rather than ‘manipulated’?

  1. Experimental research design
  2. Historical research design
  3. Ex post-facto research design
  4. Descriptive survey research design

Answer: 3


Q.4 Communication begins usually with

  1. Confused ideas
  2. Semantic noise
  3. Apprehension
  4. Pictures in the mind

Answer: 4


Q.5 A university tencher conducts research study where lecture-cum demonstration method is used to assess the effect on students’ level of participation in terms of the socio-economic status (SES) of their family and its habitat. Which variable in this study will be called an independent variable?

  1. Lecture cum demonstration method
  2. Students level of participation
  3. SES of their family
  4. Habitat of the family

Answer: 1


Q.6 “Some teachers are not sincere” is an example of which category of proposition?

  1. Universal negative
  2. Universal affirmative
  3. Particular affirmative
  4. Particular negative

Answer: 4


Q.7 When the classroom communication is circular, the teacher encoder will be a/an

  1. Active decoder
  2. Passive observer
  3. Negative receiver
  4. Restive coder

Answer: 1


Q.8 The missing letters in the given letter series are:

BCE, CDG, DEI, _________, FGM

  1. EFK
  2. EGJ
  3. EFH
  4. EGH

Answer: 1


Q.9 For organizing effective teaching learning systems in colleges which of the following instructional strategies may be considered appropriate?

a) Replacing lecture work by computer-aided instruction

b) Attuning teaching in terms of can do will do analysis in respect of students’ readiness levels

c) Introduction of biometric based attendance in the class

c) Diversifying teaching methods in terms of learners’ needs

d) Involving students, giving responsibility and recognizing the accomplishments

Choose the correct answer from the options given below

  1. b), d) and e) only
  2. a), b) and c) only
  3. b), c) and d) only
  4. C), d) and e) only

Answer: 1


Q.10 If teacher considers his or her students ill-informed, teacher’s behaviour is described as:

  1. Single mindedness
  2. Having liberal view
  3. Pluralistic ignorance
  4. Conventional coding

Answer: 3


Q.11 MOTION is to RUN as EMOTION is to:

  3. HEART
  4. ENJOY

Answer: 2


Q.12 When a researcher rejects the “Null Hypothesis’ (H0) in his/her study and accepts an alternate Hypothesis (H1), what type of error is likely?

  1. Type I error
  2. Type II error
  3. Both Type I and Type II error
  4. Neither Type I not Type II error

Answer: 1


Q.13 Which one of the following is not a sense-organ according to classical Indian school of logic?

  1. Manas
  2. Savikalpaka
  3. Caksuh
  4. Srotra

Answer: 2


Q.14 The research form which will be an appropriate fit for improving efficacy of formative assessment would be:

  1. Fundamental research
  2. Applied research
  3. Action research
  4. Ethnographic research

Answer: 3


Q.15 Twenty times a positive integer is less than its square by 96. What is the integer

  1. 24
  2. 20
  3. 30
  4. 14

Answer: 1


Q.16 Inappropriate application of ICT in research is an example of:

  1. Technical lapse on the part of the researcher
  2. Inadequate provision of ICT resources
  3. Violation of research ethics
  4. Absence of technical expertise of ICT resources

Answer: 4


Q.17 Which of the following is correct about the sentence, “Some men are not married”?

  1. The subject is distributed
  2. The predicate is distributed
  3. Both subject and predicate are distributed
  4. Neither subject or predicate is distributed

Answer: 2


Q.18 Which of the following are the learner related factors in determining effectiveness of teaching?

a) Task relevant competencies of learners

b) Content mastery of the learner

c) Choice of teaching methods

d) Composition of the class room

e) Readiness level of student

Choose the correct answer from the options below

  1. b) and c) only
  2. a) and e) only
  3. d) and e) only
  4. b) and e) only

Answer: 2


Q.19 If UGCNET = 35, then CSIRNET =

  1. 42
  2. 43
  3. 44
  4. 45

Answer: 3


Q.20 “Have you stopped telling lies?”

This type of question commits which kind of fallacy?

  1. Fallacy of Complex Question
  2. Fallacy of Ambiguity
  3. Fallacy of Equivocation
  4. Fallacy of Accident

Answer: 1


Q.21 Successful communication inside the classroom depends upon

a) Detailed and long description of the topic

b) Describing the theme

c) Use of persuasive words and phrases

d) Clarity in explanations offered

e) Repetitive anecdotes

f) Unstructured delivery of message

Choose the correct option from those below:

  1. a), b) and c) only
  2. b). c) and d) only
  3. c), d) and e) only
  4. d), e) and f) only

Answer: 2


Q.22 There are two sets given below in which Set I offers types of learner’s characteristics and Set II gives their description. Match the two sets

Set I

(Learner’s Characteristics)

a) Academic Characteristics

b) Social Characteristics

c) Emotional Characteristics

d) Comitive Characteristies

Set II (Description)

i) Learner encodes and decodes relevant messages correctly

ii) Learner selects different themes in his/her course when needed

iii) Learner works as a team member of the peers

iv) Learner starts respecting the individual differences evident in likes and dislikes of members of his class

Choose the correct answer from the following options:

  a b c d
1. ii iv i iii
2. i ii iii iv
3. ii iii iv i
4. iii i ii iv


Answer: 3


Q.23. In the two seta which follow. Set I gives certain terms used in research while Set II offers their description. Match the two sets

Set I

(Terms used in research)

a) A postulate

b) A construct

c) Variable

d) Systematic error


Set II


i) It ensures obtained results to vary in a particular direction

ii) It is something which can change either quantitatively or qualitatively

iii) It is the statement of the principle assumed in the absence of direct evidence

iv) Though not directly observable, is considered to exist

Select the correct answer from the following options:

  a b c d
1. i ii iii iv
2. iii iv ii i
3. ii i iii iv
4. iv iii i ii

Answer: 2


Q.24 “Planets are big. Therefore, the atoms from which they are made are big”. This inference commits which kind of fallacy?

  1. Fallacy of Division
  2. Fallacy of Ambiguity
  3. Fallacy of Equivocation
  4. Ad populum

Answer: 1


Q.25 In the following statements, identify those which are related to characteristics and basic requirements of teaching at the understanding level

a) Teaching stresses recitations of facts and information

b) Teaching becomes an activity to promote seeing of relationships among facts and information

c) The teacher expects that students will be able to translate and interpret the meanings in their own words

d) The teacher insists on recall and recognition of facts presented

e) The teacher gives a large number of examples to being home the main ideas

Select the correct answer from the following options

  1. a), b) and c) only
  2. c), d) and e) only
  3. a), d) and e) only
  4. b), c) and e) only

Answer: 4



The following table gives the percentage of total students and also girl students enrolled in five schools (A – E). The total number of students is 4500, while the total number of girl students is 2000. Based on the data of table, answer the questions that follow.

26 The total number of boys enrolled in schools C. D and E is

  1. 965
  2. 1250
  3. 1021
  4. 1325

Answer: 2



27. If 10% of the girls enrolled in C. change their school to E. then what will be the aggregate number of girls then in E?

  1. 214
  2. 234
  3. 274
  4. 284

Answer: 4


Q.28 The ratio of number of girls enrolled in school B to that of the number of boys enrolled in D is

  1. 1:4
  2. 4:1
  3. 1:3
  4. 3:1

Answer: 2


Q.29 The number of girls enrolled in B, C and D constitutes what percentage (%) of total number of students in schools?

  1. 30%
  2. 31%
  3. 32%
  4. 33%

Answer: 3


Q.30 The total number of girls enrolled in schools A and B together is

  1. 740
  2. 760
  3. 940
  4. 1000

Answer: 4


Q.31 The process through which an illegitimate website pretends to be a specific legitimate website is known as:

  1. Sniffing
  2. Spooling
  3. Back Doors
  4. War Dialing

Answer: 2

Q.32 Climate pledges under Paris Agreement cover what fraction of greenhouse gas emissions reduction needed to limit the global warming below 2˚C?

  1. 1/3
  2. 2/3
  3. 1/2
  4. 3/4

Answer: 1

Q.33 Which of the following keys of keyboard are called modifier keys?

a) Ctrl

b) Shift

c) End

d) Alt

Choose the correct option from those given below:

  1. a), b) and c)
  2. a), b) and d)
  3. a), c) and d)
  4. b), c) and d)

Answer: 2

Q.34 For research in policy relevant areas, which of the following organizations is entrusted with the initiative ‘Impress’?

  1. ILAS
  2. ICSSR
  3. ICPR
  4. ICHR

Answer: 2

Q.35 One aspect of E-governance deals with flow of information between the Government and citizens. Which of the following are Government to Citizens (G2C) initiatives?

a) e- Help

b) e- Health

c) e- Tendering

d) e- Feedback

Choose the correct option from those given below

  1. a) and b) only
  2. c) and d) only
  3. b) and d) only
  4. b) and c) only

Answer: 1


Q.36 The teaching in the universities of ancient India was controlled by board of eminent teachers. The affairs of which university were administered by the Board of Vikramsila University?

  1. Jagaddala University
  2. Valabhi University
  3. Nalanda University
  4. Odantapuri University

Answer: 3


Q.37 The impact of noise pollution on human health is governed by:

a) Intensity of noise

b) Duration of noise

c) Socio-economic status of an individual

d) Sensitivity of human ear

e) Frequency range of noise

Choose your answer from the options given below:

  1. a), b). d) and e) only
  2. a), b) and c) only
  3. a), c), d) and e) only
  4. a), b), c), d) and e)



Q.38 From the following list, Identify the Greenhouse Gases adopted in the Kyoto Protocol

i) Carbon dioxide

ii) Methane

iii) Nitrous oxide

iv) Hydroflurocarbons

v) Perflurocarbons

vi) Sulphur hexafluoride

Select the most appropriate answer from the options given below:

  1. i), ii). iv) and v) only
  2. i), iv), v) and vi) only
  3. ii), iv), v) and vi) only
  4. i), ii), iii), iv), v) and vi)

Answer: 4

Q.39 A vital role in human resource development of a country centered on skilled manpower, productivity and the quality of life of its people is focused on which of the following domains?

  1. Professional education
  2. Formal education
  3. Lifelong education
  4. Technical education

Answer: 4

Q.40 Which of the following is a residential center for free and creative enquiry into the fundamental themes and problems of life and thought?

  1. Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial College Trust
  2. Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth
  3. Indian Institute of Advanced Study
  4. National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Answer: 3


Q.41 Sustainable Development Goal – ‘Life below water’ aims at conserving and sustainably using

  1. Ground water resources
  2. Rivers, streams, ponds and lake resources
  3. Oceans, sea and marine resources
  4. Wetland resources

Answer: 3


Q.42 How many unique combinations of O’s and l’s can be made with 5-binary digit code?

  1. 16
  2. 32
  3. 64
  4. 128

Answer: 2


Q.43 Capturing the imagination and initiative of the student is of crucial importance in

  1. Case method of teaching
  2. Concept Mapping
  3. Peer instruction
  4. Quizzes

Answer: 1


Q.44 Which of the following portals include the list of ‘on-line courses’?

  1. a) ariia.gov.in
  2. b) swayam.gov.in
  3. c) mic.ac.in
  4. d) nptel.ac.in

Choose the correct option from those given below

  1. a) and c) only
  2. a) and d) only
  3. b) and c) only
  4. b) and d) only

Answer: 4


Q.45 Polar Stratospheric Clouds are associated with which of the following environmental issues?

  1. Flash floods
  2. Acid rain
  3. Ozone layer depletion
  4. Photo chemical smog

Answer: 3


Read the passage given below carefully and answer questions that follow:

The representative dimension of the new liberal political orders designed to protect individual rights, appeared as the best mechanism for actualizing popular rule or sovereignty – indeed democracy. As a result, it is more beneficial to assess the meaning and value of ‘rights’ as historical and political practices, rather than conceptual forms (especially as counterparts to virtue). In this respect, the discourse of rights reflected a new official mode of combining ethics and power for political conduct. But the formally equal treatment of citizens belied relatively arbitrary element, for the involvement of the citizenry in shaping the conduct of their representatives was left to elite influenced election procedures, qualifications and voluntary participation. Still. representation became the mythical means of transposing the authorizing power of the people to the new authorities in government. After all, representatives had more time and money to perfect their virtue and skill in conducting their work and were not supposed to be corrupted by the power that attended their offices. They were supposed to be better guardians and agents of public virtue than ordinary citizens as representation became institutionalized in the new states. The state wielded power over the people, diversifying rather than restricting the problems of demagoguery in ancient democracy that modern republics were supposed to correct

Q.46 The aim of liberal democracy is to

  1. Provide a mechanism to ignore popular
  2. Safeguard individual rights
  3. Understand the political order
  4. Defocus representativeness

Answer: 4


Q.47 What will be the more beneficial assessment of democracy?

  1. Considering rights as a political practice
  2. Avoiding historical meanings of the concept
  3. Emphasizing on virtues
  4. Examining the conceptual forms of democracy

Answer: 1


Q.48 What does the discourse of rights focus on?

  1. Election procedures
  2. Arbitrary freedom
  3. Reasonable political conduct
  4. New priests of power

Answer: 3


Q.49 According to the author of the passage, the modern republics should

  1. Exercise power over people
  2. Institutionalize power and corruption
  3. Free themselves from the defects of ancient democracy
  4. Imitate the institutions of new states

Answer: 3


Q.50 What was expected of public representatives?

  1. Use power for personal gains
  2. Behave like ordinary citizens
  3. Become skilled in power politics
  4. Safeguard representation of virtue

Answer: 4

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