Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 2

Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 2

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Q.16. Who out of the following was the first teleologist (believe in God Creation)

(A) Plato

(B) Aristotle

(C) Anaximander

(D) Herodotus

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 Q.17. Who advocated the logic of general to particular procedures?

(1) Eratosthenes

(2) Homer

(3) Aristotle

(4) Plato

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Q.18.  Who was the author of 17 Volumes of ‘Geographical Treaties’?

(1) Ptolemy

(2) Beatus

(3) Strabo

(4) Jerome

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Q.19. Who described geography as the science of map - making?

(A) Strabo

(B) Ptolemy

(C) Thales

(D) Hecateaus

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Q.20 The Arab scholar who made corrections to Ptolemy’s book was

(1) Ibn - Batuta

(2) Ibn Khaldun

(3) Al-Masudi

(4) Al-Idrisi

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Q.21. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(1) Strabo – Published 17 volumes work entitled as geography

(2) Ptolemy - Published a famous text called Almagest or Geographike Syntaxis

(3) Hipparchus - Designed orthographic and stereographic projections

(4) Hecataeus - Invented an instrument known as ‘Astrolabe’ for determination of latitudes and longitudes

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Q.22. Which is the correct sequence of chronological order of Greeks scholar during the ancient period

(A) Aristotle - Eratosthenes - Anaximander - Ptolemy

(B) Eratosthenes - Anaximander - Ptolemy - Aristotle

(C) Anaximander - Aristotle - Eratosthenes - Ptolemy

(D) Ptolemy - Anaximander - Aristotle - Eratosthenes

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Q.23. Who among the following geographers correlated the colour of ocean water and its salinity? (UGC NET DEC 2018)

(1) Ibn Khaldun

(2) Ibn-Sina

(3) Al-Masudi

(4) Al-Maqdisi

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Q.24. Who has authored the famous book, ‘Muqaddimah’?

(1) ibn Batuta

(2) Al Biruni

(3) Al-Idrisi

(4) Ibn-Khaldun

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Q.25. Which one of the following is correct chronological sequence of Arab geographers in the development of geography?

(A) Al-Biruni, Al-Idrisi, Ibn Battuta, Ibn Khaldun

(B) Al-Idrisi, Ibn-Khaldun, Al- Masudi, Al-Biruni

(C) Ibn-Khaldun, Al-Masudi, Al- Biruni, Al-Idrisi

(D) Al-Masudi, Ibn-Battuta, Ibn- Khaldun, Al-Biruni

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Q.26. Which one of the following pairs does not match correctly?

          Author        -          Book

(A) Ibn Khaldun    -     Muqaddimah

(B) Al-Balakhi      -     Kitab ul Ashkal

(C) Al-Masudi      -      Routes and Realms

(D) Al-Biruni        -      Kitab-al-Hind

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Q.27. Which Indian geographer has written the book ‘Geography of Puranas’?

(A) L.R. Singh

(B) S.M Ali

 (C) M. Shafi

(D) S.M. Rafiullah

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Q.28. Who among the following geographers laid down the foundation of dichotomy of General versus Special Geography?

(A) Kant

(B) B. Varenius

(C) A. Hettner

(D) A.V. Humboldt

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Q.29. Who used the term ‘Chorography’ to describe Geography? (DEC 2019)

(A) B. Varenius

(B) A. Von Humboldt

(C) I. Kant

(D). C. Ritter

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Q.30. Who laid the foundation of modern classical period of geography?

(A) Huntington and Davis

(B) Humboldt and Davis

(C) Hettner and Richthofen

(D) Varenius and Kant

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Unit VIII:

Geographic Thought

Contributions of Greek, Roman, Arab, Chinese and Indian Scholars, Contributions of Geographers (Bernhardus Varenius, Immanuel Kant, Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Ritter, Scheafer & Hartshorne), Impact of Darwinian Theory on Geographical Thought. Contemporary trends in Indian Geography: Cartography, Thematic and Methodological contributions. Major Geographic Traditions (Earth Science, manenvironment relationship, area studies and spatial analysis), Dualisms in Geographic Studies (physical vs. human, regional vs. systematic, qualitative vs. quantitative, ideographic vs. nomothetic), Paradigm Shift, Perspectives in Geography (Positivism, Behaviouralism, Humanism, Structuralism, Feminism and Postmodernism).  

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