Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 3

Mock Test on Geographical Thought Most Important Questions Part 3

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Q.31. Who laid the foundation of Modern Geographical Thought?

(A) Kant and Varenius

(B) Humboldt and Ritter

(C) Hettner and Richthopen

(D) Humboldt and Davis

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Q.32. Who coined the term ‘Cosmography’ and divided into Uranography and Geography

(A) O. Peschel

(B) C. Ritter

(C) B. Varenius

(D) A.V. Humboldt

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Q.33. A Scholar of which origin coined the term ‘permafrost’ to explain the frozen characteristics of the Siberian Soils?

(1) American

(2) British

(3) French

(4) German

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Q.34. Who was the author of ‘Cosmos’?

(A) Ritter

(B) Humboldt

(C) Ratzel

 (D) Bruhnes

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Q.35. Who among the following gave the concept of “Unity in Diversity”?

(A) A.V. Humboldt

(B) Hettner

(C) C. Ritter

(D) O. Paschel

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Q.36. Who among the following geographers has teleological view?

(A) Carl Ritter

(B) A.V. Humboldt

(C) I. Kant

(D) F. Ratzel

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Q.37. The approach that some of the geographical facts according to Ritter, cannot be explained scientifically, is termed as

(A) Ecological

(B) Regional

(C) Teleological

(D) Locational

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Q.38. ‘The Eardkunde’ was published in the year 1817. Which one of the following authored the book?

(A) O. Peschel

(B) Carl Ritter

(C) W.M. Davis

(D) G. Taylor

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Q.39. Which one of the following components does NOT match with the Darwinian theory of origin of species? (NTA UGC NET 2020)

(1) Natural hazard

(2) Natural selection

(3) Adaptation

(4) Survival of the fittest

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Q.40.  Which of the following statements are correct about impact of Darwin on Geographical thought?

(A) James Hutton demonstrated the theory of uniformitarianism in landform evolution.

(B) Fleure used struggle and selection concept in his studies on races, states and towns.

(C) Darwin’s work on the origin of atolls and the idea regarding slow transformation of biological species over time, together inspired Davis to develop his own theory of the cycle of erosion.

(D) Stoddart stressed the need for physiological study to assess environmental effects on man.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

(1) A and B only

(2) B and C only

(3) A and C only

(4) C and D only

Your score is

The average score is 77%



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Unit VIII:

Geographic Thought

Contributions of Greek, Roman, Arab, Chinese and Indian Scholars, Contributions of Geographers (Bernhardus Varenius, Immanuel Kant, Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Ritter, Scheafer & Hartshorne), Impact of Darwinian Theory on Geographical Thought. Contemporary trends in Indian Geography: Cartography, Thematic and Methodological contributions. Major Geographic Traditions (Earth Science, manenvironment relationship, area studies and spatial analysis), Dualisms in Geographic Studies (physical vs. human, regional vs. systematic, qualitative vs. quantitative, ideographic vs. nomothetic), Paradigm Shift, Perspectives in Geography (Positivism, Behaviouralism, Humanism, Structuralism, Feminism and Postmodernism).  

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