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Q.1. The location of Dogger Banks is in:

(A) South-Pacific region

(B) North Sea

(C) South-Atlantic Ocean

(D) North-West European region

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Q.2. The Indian Iron and Steel Company is located in:

(A) Burnpur

(B) Jamshedpur

(C) Durgapur

(D) Bokaro

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Q.3. Badland topography is the characteristic of

(A) Chambal valley

(B) Sunderban Delta

(C) Rann of Kutch

(D) Coromandel coast

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Q.4. …….. used ‘Precipitation effectiveness’ and ‘thermal efficiency’ as the basis for World climatic classification.

(A) Koeppen

(B) Miller

(C) Thornthwaite

(D) Trewartha

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Q.5. The scholar who has important views on the Rank-Size Rule:

(A) A E Smailes

(B) H R Simoy

(C) R E Dickinson

(D) G K Zipf

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Q.6.   Oceanic deposits mainly found in the continental shelves are deposits.

(A)    Terrigenous

(B)     Volcanic

(C)     Pelagic

(D)    Organic

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Q.7. In GIS, Trapezoidal rule is used for:

(A) To calculate geographic centroid in vector

(B) To delineate perforated regions

(C) To calculate line lengths in raster

(D) To calculate areas of polygonal features

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Q.8. A point that can be resorted to measure the exact size of the earth is:

(A) Centroid

(B) Latitude

(C) Datum

(D) Longitude

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Q.9. El-Nino is:

(A) Cold water anomaly in the south western Pacific

(B) Cold water anomaly in the central and eastern Pacific

(C) Warm water anomaly in the central and eastern Pacific

(D) Warm water anomaly in the south western Pacific.

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Q.10. Seasonal reversal of wind is a typical characteristic of:

(A) Savannah climate

(B) Equatorial climate

(C) Mediterranean climate

(D) Monsoon climate

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Q.11. Identify from the following nomadic tribes in India, the one which do not practice ‘transhumance’:

(A) Gujjars

(B) Irulars

(C) Gadddis

(D) Changpas

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Q.12. A city located on a longitude close to that of Delhi:

(A) Hyderabad

(B) Bangalore

(C) Jaipur

(D) Kochi

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  1. 13. The azimuthal projections preserve direction from one point to all other points in the map, because:

(A) The meridians are straight lines radiating from the centre of projection

(B) The meridians are straight lines intersecting the parallels

(C) The meridians are straight lines and parallels are arcs of circle

(D) Scale near the centre is true.

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Q.14. Which of the statement/s given below is/are correct?

  1. Pravara,Manjra, Musi are the tributaries of the River Godavari
  2. Ganga -Brahmaputra delta is the largest of the world
  3. Ganga river system is the largest in India.

(A) 1 & 2 only

(B) 1 only

(C) 1 & 3 only

(D) 2 & 3 only

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Q.15. ……is a glacial erosional feature:

(A) Paternoster lakes

(B) Varves

(C) Drumlins

(D) Erratics

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Q.16.  ……… is the contour interval of the SOI map bearing the number 58 H.

(A) 50 Metres

(B) 100 ft

(C) 250ft

(D) 20 Metres

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Q.17. The country where fjord coasts are found:

(A) India

(B) Chile

(C) Indonesia

(D) Portugal

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Q.18. Adjacent aerial photographs having overlap is:

(A) Aerial mosaic

(B) Stereogram

(C) Stereopair

(D) Orthophotos

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Q.19. ………resolution represents the pixel size of the satellite image.

(A) Spatial

(B) Georeferencing

(C) Radiometric

(D) Digitizing

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Q.20. Ranking coefficient to calculate the land productivity was first used by:

(A) Rafaiullah

(B) M Shafi

(C) Kendall

(D) Dudley Stamp

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Q.21. Carbon foot print means:

(A) Total amount of greenhouse gases generated by human actions.

(B) Total emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere

(C) The reduction of greenhouse gas generation.

(D) The process by which Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and held in solid or liquid form.

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Q.22. The Term ‘isostasy’ was coined by:

(A) Airy

(B) Pratt

(C) Homes

(D) Dutton

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Q.23. A tropical cyclone, when moving over tropical ocean becomes more intense, whereas when it moves over land, it becomes weaker because:

(A) Higher wind speed over land

(B) Trees and buildings obstruct cyclone movement

(C) Evaporation from the sea surface is high

(D) Higher precipitation over land

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Q.24. Lake Titicaca is shared by:

(A) Brazil and Bolivia

(B) Peru and Bolivia

(C) Chile and Bolivia

(D) Argentina and Bolivia

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Q.25. The Concept of ‘Backwash effect’ was advanced by:

(A) Weber

(B) Hirchman

(C) Myrdal

(D) Losch

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Q.26. A basin in India which do not have shale gas reserves:

(A) Cambay basin

(B) Cauveri basin

(C) Narmada basin

(D) Krishna - Godavari basin

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Q.27. The term ‘Tyranopolis’ is used to denote:

(A)    Many cities and metropolis coalesce to form a giant city

(B)     Countrywide urbanization predominates the scene

(C)     Population of a metropolis crosses 10 million

(D)    Market town with wholesale businesses

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Q.28. Which of the following is based on the principle of least cost?

(A) Weber’s theory

(B) Losch’s hypothesis

(C) Von – Thunen theory

(D) Smith spatial profitability theory

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Q.29. is not a Karst landform.

(A) Nunatak

(B) Doline

(C) Polje

(D) Bogas

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Q.30. The largest percentage of high grade bituminous coal of USA is from the coal fields in:

(A) Wyoming

(B) Appalachian

(C) Illinois

(D) Pennsylvania

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Q.31. The author of ‘Population bomb’:

(A) Robert Malthus

(B) Donald Bouge

(C) Paul Ehrlich

(D) Edwin Cannan

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Q.32. ‘Red Data Book’ gives information about:

(A) Rare species

(B) Endangered species

(C) Extinct species

(D) Dangerous species

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Q.33. The state which is not included in the cotton belt in USA:

(A) Texas

(B) Lousiana

(C) Georgia

(D) Nebraska

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Q.34. The method which is suitable to represent the proportions of different land use categories in a district:

(A) Bar diagram

(B) Pie diagram

(C) Ergo graph

(D) Circular wheel diagram

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Q.35. ………..is an example for fault mountain.

(A) Aravallis

(B) Satpura

(C) Western Ghats

(D) Nilgiris

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Q.36. ‘Limits to growth is associated with:

(A)    Neo – Malthusian theory

(B)     Optimum population theory

(C)     Demographic transition theory

(D)    Planned urbanization

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Q.37. Adiabatic change of temperature means:

(A)    Uniform decrease in temperature with increasing altitude

(B)     Temperature change in both ascending and descending air occur without significant transfer of heat with the surrounding environment.

(C)     Heating of ascending air parcel

(D)    Cooling of descending air parcel.

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Q.38. Transport systems model was developed by:

(A)    Carter

(B)     Ritter

(C)     Weber

(D)    Ullman

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Q.39. The most important basis of the Whittlesey’s classification of agriculture of the world is:

(A)    Distribution of climatic elements

(B)     Regional distribution of the principal crops and animals of commercial significance

(C)     Functioning forms of agriculture

(D)    Forms of livestock grazing activities.

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Q.40. Which among the following statement/s is/are correct?

  1. A storm surge is a rise in sea level that occurs during tropical cyclones.
  2. Thunderstorms originate from nimbostratus clouds.
  3. Smaze is a type of frost.
  4. The albedo of the earth as a whole is 35%.

(A)    1 and 4 only

(B)     2 and 3 only

(C)     3 only

(D)    1, 2 and 4 only

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Q.41. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?

  1. Sea floor spreading -     A Wegener
  2. Tetrahedral Hypothesis - Lowthian Green
  3. Peneplanation -     W M Davis
  4. Episodic erosion model -     Hack

(A)    1 and 3 only

(B)     2 and 3 only

(C)     1, 2 and 4 only

(D)    2, 3 and 4 only

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Q.42. The slowest form of mass wasting is known as:

(A)    Solifluction

(B)     Lahar

(C)     Creep

(D)    Mudflow

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Q.43. The credit for articulating the concept of ‘Sequence Occupance’ goes to:

(A)    Carl O Sauer

(B)     Vidal de La Blache

(C)     Derwent S Whittlesey

(D)    Carl Troll

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Q.44. Identify the ethnic group of Central Asia from among the following:

(A) Kazaks

(B) Lapps

(C) Fallahins

(D) Mesai

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Q.45. Author of ‘Geographical Pivot of History’ which explained one of the geopolitical theories:

(A)    Herbertson

(B)     Spykman

(C)     Mackinder

(D)    J.F. Unstead

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Q.46. Data that describe the characteristic of spatial feature:

(A)    Discrete data

(B)     Vector data

(C)     Attribute data

(D)    Raster data

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Q.47. The river basin called the ‘Ruhr of India’:

(A)    Hooghly

(B)     Damodar

(C)     Godavari

(D)    Krishna

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Q.48. Which following country in Asia has the maximum deposits of bauxite?

(A)    India

(B)     China

(C)     Indonesia

(D)    Malaysia

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Q.49. Choose the wrong statement:

(A)    Mapping unit boundaries are independent of enumeration boundaries in dasymetric maps.

(B)     Choropleth maps do not reflect the structure of data collection units.

(C)     Interpolation procedure is involved in isarithmic mapping.

(D)    Relif displacement on aerial photographs produces parallax.

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Q.50. An Indian language which belongs to Mon – Khemer family:

(A)    Khasi

(B)     Garo

(C)     Santhali

(D)    Pnar

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Q.51. Match list I (Books) with list II (Author)

list I (Books)

  1. Geography in the Twentieth Century
  2. Human Geography and Area Research
  3. Explanation in Geography
  4. Human Geography

list II (Author)

  1. Ullman E J
  2. Griffth Taylor
  3. Perpillou A V
  4. Harvey D

(A)    a-1, b-3, c-2, d-4

(B)     a-4 ,b-3, c-1,d-2

(C)     a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3

(D)    a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

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Q.52. Pong dam lake, a destination point for various migratory birds from Siberia and Central Asian countries during winters, is located in the state of:

(A)    Gujarat

(B)     Himachal Pradesh

(C)     Uttarakhand

(D)    Rajasthan

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Q.53. The ethnic group ‘Bhils’ are found in:

(A)    Orissa

(B)     Punjab

(C)     Assam

(D)    Rajasthan

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Q.54. The ratio between gross cropped area and net sown area explains:

(A)    Crop concentration

(B)     Cropping intensity

(C)     Crop combination

(D)    Crop suitability

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Q.55. Which one of the following is a component of lateral hill slope?

(A)    Free-face

(B)     Nick-point

(C)     Pediments

(D)    An incised meander

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Q.56. The ocean current which prevents winter of Southern Japan from being too old and too long:

(A)    Equatorial counter current

(B)     Kurile current

(C)     South Pacific current

(D)    Kuroshio current

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Q.57. Match List I with List II

List I

  1. Positivism
  2. Probabilism
  3. Neo-determinism
  4. Climatic determinism

List II

  1. O H K Spate
  2. A Huntington

3 Tuan

  1. Griffth Taylor

(A)    a-2, b-4, c-3, d-1

(B)     a-3, b-2, c-4, d-1

(C)     a-3, b-1, c-4, d-2

(D)    a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

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Q.58. According to Von Thunen which of the following was NOT an important locational factor for determination of crop location?

(A)    Crop specialization

(B)     Market price

(C)     Transport price

(D)    Per unit production

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Q.59. Boundaries of land properties and buildings are represented in :

(A)    Thematic maps

(B)     Special maps

(C)     Political maps

(D)    Cadastral maps

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Q.60. Vivek Express of Indian Railways run between:

(A)    Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari

(B)     Bangalore and Mysuru

(C)     Mumbai and Delhi

(D)    Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari

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Q.61. The concept of ‘Social Darwinism’ was coined by:

(A)    Darwin

(B)     Hartshorne

(C)     Spencer

(D)    Haeckal

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Q.62. Arrange the following tributaries of the Brahmaputra River from West to East:

  1. Dibang
  2. Tista
  3. Lohit
  4. Subansiri

(A)    2,4,3,1

(B)     1,3,2,4

(C)     3,2,4,1

(D)    2,1,4,3

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Q.63. Assertion (A): Core of the earth is formed by heavy metals.

Reason (R) : Heavy metals are attracted towards the centre of the earth.

(A)    A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.

(B)     A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

(C)     A is true but R is false.

(D)    A is false but R is true.

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Q.64. Estancias are:

(A)    Truck farms in USA

(B)     Large cattle farms in South America

(C)     Large plantations in Malaysia

(D)    Small horticultural estates in Brazil

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Q.65. Who has advanced ‘Breaking Point Theory’?

(A)    Reilly

(B)     Gibbs

(C)     Ginni

(D)    P D Canvers

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Q.66. The journal entitled ‘Antipode’, published from Clark University is related to:

(A)    Idealistic geography

(B)     Welfare geography

(C)     Radical geography

(D)    Marxist geography

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Q.67. Which state in India is the largest producer of sheet mica?

(A)    Karnataka

(B)     Andhra Pradesh

(C)     Bihar

(D)    Jharkhand

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Q.68. The fundamental concepts for geosynclinal theory were developed by:

(A)    Hall and Dana

(B)     James Hutton

(C)     Lyell

(D)    Leopold Kober

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Q.69. Which of the following is not a biome of first order?

(A)    Tropical biome

(B)     Temperate biome

(C)     Tundra biome

(D)    Mediterranean biome

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Q.70. Assertion (A): Floodplains and meanders denote that the stream is tending to erode laterally rather than directly downwards.

Reason (R): ‘Whenever the load reduces downward corrosion to little or nothing, lateral corrasion becomes relatively and actually of importance’.

(A)    A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.

(B)     A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

(C)     A is true but R is false.

(D)    A is false but R is true.

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Q.71. The latitudinal extension of the world where the maximum number of population is distributed:

(A)    0° – 40°S

(B)     20°o – 40°oN

(C)     40° – 60°N

(D)    0° – 20° N

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Q.72. The sub marine ridge situated in the Indian Ocean:

(A)    Chagos ridge

(B)     Walvis ridge

(C)     St. Paul ridge

(D)    Gorda ridge

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Q.73. Assertion (A): Regur soil in the Deccan is highly suitable for the cultivation of cotton.

Reason (R): Deccan plateau is made up by basaltic lava

(A)    A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.

(B)     A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

(C)     A is true but R is false.

(D)    A is false but R is true.

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Q.74. Identify the odd one:

(A)    Baffin Island current

(B)     Mozambique current

(C)     Cape Horn current

(D)    Falkland current

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Q.75. Which one of the following is not an active sensor?





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Q.76. Headquarter of South Western Railway is at:

(A)    Bangalore

(B)     Hubbali

(C)     Mumbai

(D)    Thiruvananthapuram

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Q.77. Assertion (A): Sedimentary rocks owe their origin to the deposition and compaction

of all types of rocks

Reason (R): Products of the weathering form the parts of pre-existing igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

(A)    A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.

(B)     A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

(C)     A is true but R is false.

(D)    A is false but R is true.

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Q.78. If the tilt angle is less than three degrees, the air photograph is known as :

(A)    Trimetrogen photograph

(B)     Oblique photograph

(C)     Vertical photograph

(D)    Ortho photograph

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Q.79. A navigation system developed by India:

(A)    IRNSS

(B)     Glonasss

(C)     GPS

(D)    Galelio

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Q.80. Select the correct sequence in the chronological order of the following Greek scholars who have contributed significantly for the evolution of geographical thought.

(A)    Ptolemy - Anaximander – Aristotle - Eratosthenes

(B)     Eratosthenes – Anaximander – Ptolemy - Aristotle

(C)     Anaximander – Aristotle – Eratosthenes - Ptolemy

(D)    Aristotle – Eratosthenes – Anaximander - Ptolemy

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Q.81. Which state in India has the practice of ‘Kul’ irrigation?

(A)    Punjab

(B)     Haryana

(C)     Himachal Pradesh

(D)    Rajasthan

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Q.82. The river which supplies fresh water to the Pichavaram mangrove system:

(A) Krishna

(B) Godavari

(C) Mahanadi

(D) Cauveri

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Q.83. Which among the following is not a Tiger Reserve?

(A)    Bandipur

(B)     Parambikulam

(C)     Bankapura

(D)    Betla

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Q.84. Match list I (Landform) with list II (Causing agent)

list I (Landform

  1. Tombolo
  2. Gorge
  3. Ventifact
  4. Hanging valley

list II (Causing agent)

  1. Wind
  2. Glacier
  3. Running water
  4. Sea waves

(A)    a-2, b-3, c-4, d-1

(B)     a-4, b-3, c-1, d-2

(C)     a-1, b-2,c-4, d-3

(D)    a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3

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Q.85. Who among the following first tried to construct world map on scale?

(A)    Homer

(B)     Ptolemy

(C)     Hipparchus

(D)    Anaximander

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Q.86. The type of fault occurs when the rocks have moved up the dip:

(A)    Normal fault

(B)     Thrust fault

(C)     Reverse fault

(D)    Recumbent fault

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Q.87. What is the scale of the map that obtained after twice the enlargement of a map with RF of 1:100,000?

(A)    1: 25,000

(B)     1: 200,000

(C)     1: 50,000

(D)    1: 12, 500

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Q.88. The first geostationary satellite of India:

(A) Apple

(B)     CARTOSAT-1

(C)     INSAT-1A

(D)    IRS- 1

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Q.89. Identify the correct sequence of ranges from North to South

(A)    Kaimur – Satpura – Ajanta - Vindhya

(B)     Satpura – Vindhya – Ajanta - Kaimur

(C)     Kaimur – Satpura–Vindhya – Ajanta

(D)    Kaimur – Vindhya – Satpura - Ajanta

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Q.90. A series of ecological communities formed in ecological succession is referred as

(A)    Climax

(B)     Sere

(C)     Link

(D)    Step

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Q.91. Tropic of Cancer does not pass through:

(A)    Mizoram

(B)     Rajasthan

(C)     Chhattisgarh

(D)    Manipur

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Q.92. Match List I (Koppen’s symbol) with List II (Type of climate)

List I (Koppen’s symbol)

  1. Aw
  2. Cw
  3. Cf
  4. Cs

List II (Type of climate)

  1. Mediterranean type
  2. China type
  3. Savannah type
  4. Western European type

(A)    a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

(B)     a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1

(C)     a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2

(D)    a-3, b-2, c-4, d-1

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Q.93. Which one of the following pairs does not match correctly?

(A)    P E James   -        All possible worlds

(B)     R J Johnston -        Methods and Perspectives in Geography

(C)     Spencer and Thomas -     Introducing Cultural Geography

(D)    R M Minshull       -        Regional Geography: Theory and Practice

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Q.94. Plants first appeared on the surface of the earth in the geological period of:

(A)    Silurian

(B)     Ordovician

(C)     Carboniferous

(D)    Devonian

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Q.95. Davidson current is a coastal counter-current of:

(A)    North Pacific ocean

(B)     Atlantic ocean

(C) Indian ocean

(D)    South Pacific ocean

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Q.96. Value free objective research is the prime objective of :

(A)    Humanism

(B)     Existentialism

(C)     Radicalism

(D)    Positivism

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Q.97. Who among the following gave a non–spatial model of development?

(A)    Friedman

(B)     Mydral

(C)     Perroux

(D)    Rostov

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Q.98. The strait where ‘Adams bridge’ is situated:

(A)    Cook strait

(B)     Palk strait

(C)     Berring strait

(D)    Taiwan strait

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Q.99. The Suez canal connects:

(A)    North sea and Caspian sea

(B)     Mediterranean sea and Red sea

(C)     Baltic sea and Pacific sea

(D)    Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

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Q.100. Balanced growth approach in Regional planning & development was advanced by:

(A)    J R Hicks

(B)     R P Misra

(C)     Mahabaleswar

(D)    R Nurkse

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Q.101. The busiest Ocean route in the world:

(A)    North Atlantic route

(B)     The cape route

(C)     South Atlantic route

(D)    North Pacific route

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Q.102. The term ‘Geopolitics’ was first used by:

(A)    Kjellen

(B)     Mackinder

(C)     Hoover

(D)    Sauer

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Q.103. The philosophical approach which provides the foundation of a revitalized ‘traditional’ geography which is both academically coherent and intellectually stimulating:

(A)    Idealism

(B)     Realism

(C)     Functionalism

(D)    Humanism

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Q.104. Choose the correct statement among the following:

(A) A high content of organic matter in soil drastically reduces its water holding capacity

(B) Soil does not play any role in the sulphur cycle.

(C) Irrigation over a period of time can contribute to the salinization of some agricultural lands

(D) Crop rotation deteriorates the fertility of the soil.

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Q.105. The valley of the Banas separates:

(A) The Mt. Abu from the Aravalli range

(B) The Rajpipila hills from the Amarkantakplateau

(C) The Maikal range from Baghelkhand

(D) The Rajmahal hills from the Chotanagpur plateau

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Q.106. Identify the parameter that need NOT form a basis for the delineation of planning regions:

(A) Nodality

(B) Homogeneity

(C) Administrative convenience

(D) Population density

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Q.107. The region practicing most intensive subsistence farming:

(A) Monsoon Asia

(C) Pampas region

(B) Atlantic coastal plain

(D) California Valley

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Q.108. Who among the following attempted to classify urban centres based on their stages of growth?

(A) Harris

(B) Mumford

(C) Nelson

(D) Acrrousseau

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Q.109. Heat budget on the surface of the Earth is maintained by:

(A) Reflection of incoming solar radiation

(B) Heat absorption by the Earth

(C) Incoming solar radiation and terrestrial radiation

(D) Refraction by dust particles

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Q.110. Which of the following statements are true?

(1) Cyclonic areas do not favour the formation of air masses.

(2) Convergence of air masses with similar properties is conducive for frontogenesis.

(3) Cold air masses are characterized by instability and atmospheric turbulence. (4) An occluded front is formed when a warm front overtakes a cold front.

(A) 1 & 3 only

(B) 1 & 4 only

(C) 3 & 4 only

(D) 2 & 4 only

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Q.111. The term "Archipelago" refers to:

(A) Permanently uninhabited lands

(B) A group of Islands

(C) Shallow part of the sea

(D) Chain of mountains

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Q.112 Choose the correctly matched pairs:

(A) Cocos Ridge - North Pacific Ocean

(B) Telegraph Plateau - North Atlantic Ocean

(C) Walvis Ridge - South Pacific Ocean

(D) Nazca Ridge - Indian Ocean

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Q.113. Which of the following terms is not used for the central part of the city?

(A) Down town

(B) Transport zone

(D) Sub-urban zone

(C) Commercial zone

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Q.114. Which one of the following is the key concept in humanistic geography?

(A) Spatial concentration

(B) Place

(C) Geographical distribution

(D) Development and quality of life

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Q.115. Identify the strait from the following which forms the main shipping channel between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, connecting the major Asian economics:

(A) Strait of Malaca

  1. B) Strait of Dover

(C) Strait of Gibraltor

(D) Cook Strait

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Q.116. The map projection suitable as well as standard one for the representation of USA

(A) Mercator Projection

(B) Bonne's projection

(C) Lambert conformal conic projection

(D) Orthographic projection

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Q.117. Arrange the following states in the increasing order of their literacy rate as per Census 2011:

(1) Uttar Pradesh

(2) Tripura

(3) Mizoram

(4) Kerala

(A) 1,2,3,4

(B) 1,3,2,4

(C) 2,3,4,1

(D) 4,3,2,1

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Q.118. A spatial data model that uses a grid to represent the spatial variation of a feature:

(A) Relational data model

(B) Spatial data model

(C) Raster data model

(D) Vector data model

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Q.119. The type of scattering which takes place from clouds:

(A) Rayleigh scattering

(B) Resonance scattering

(C) Raman scattering

(D) Mie scattering

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Q.120. The host for the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference:

(A) UK

(B) Brazil

(C) India

(D) France

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